Caregivers Screenings, Trainings & Supervision Expectations

Caregivers Screenings, Trainings & Supervision Expectations

Once a caregiver is screened through numerous background, registry and previous work experience checks, they are eligible for hire. Next they will be trained for their job!

Our non-medical caregivers are asked to demonstrate their skill set before they begin the job. ElderCare 4 Families will assess each potential new hire on their skills, and their levels are stored in their file. Our mission has existed for almost forty years, striving for personalized, quality care.

At ElderCare, we utilize caregivers’ skill sets to match them with the right client.

To enhance caregivers’ existing skill sets, ElderCare 4 Families mandates some training and also offers a variety of other training and professional development opportunities. Management will observe and monitor caregivers to make sure our clients are receiving the right care. Additionally, we ask clients and their families for feedback on their caregiver’s performance. 

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