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Legalities of Hiring Caregivers 102

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Caregiver Supervision and Performance

The supervision and performance of our caregivers is an important priority for us as an organization. We realize that being a caregiver is hard work. We want to make sure that we equip our staff with the proper training and management that they deserve. 

Caregiver and her elderly patient

How will I know about the training and skill set of the caregiver?

Private caregivers will need to be questioned by you about their training and skill set.  You should feel comfortable asking for proof of their answers to your questions. Agencies that have employees should be able to provide you with the caregivers skill set, trainings and the agency’s policy and procedures for on-going training for their employees.

EC4:  We determine the skill level of each employee at hire.  Their file is marked with their skill level. Each client has the caregiver skill level required in their file that is determined at assessment.  We match caregivers to clients based on this and other criteria.

Who will manage all employee related questions, complications, issues?

You are the employer and will need to monitor your private caregivers.  Ask your agency about their policy for on-site visits to evaluate caregivers and to keep the plan of care accurate and up-to-date.

EC4:  We regularly visit our clients when our caregivers are working to monitor their performance.  We also get feedback on their performance from their clients and their clients’ families.

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