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ElderCare Case Studies

At ElderCare 4 Families, we pride ourselves in designing a unique, customized plan of care for the individual needs of our clients. Below are some case studies that show the helpful ways our caregivers can impact the lives of seniors and their loved ones. 

Alzheimer Case Studies Involving ElderCare

Gene was in his 80's with Alzheimer's Disease when his daughter called us. He was living alone and getting more forgetful. He had lost weight and his daughter called about helping with meals and medications. Joan and Owens, his caregivers, started coming daily to his home for 8 hour shifts helping to cook healthy meals and snacks to help increase Gene's weight. They coordinated his refills and doctors appointments and helped around the house with cleaning and laundry. Lisa, his Senior Advocate, visited monthly monitoring his improvement, updating his plan of care and making safety recommendations for his home. His candles were replaced with battery powered lanterns, safety knobs were put on the stove and a battery back-up was installed for Gene's phone and life alert. She even made a schedule for changing air filters and smoke alarm batteries. Gene was a trusting man so Lisa placed his home phone on a no call, no-solicitation list and the caregivers helped monitor Gene's calls to avoid scams. The caregivers drove Gene to his doctor appointments, grocery and outings to keep him active, happy and healthy. Joan even drove the cat to the vet and took care of all its needs. Eventually night caregivers were added when Gene began to need more help. Gene and his cat lived safely and happily at home until his passing. If you know of a person who is living at home and is affected by Alzheimer's disease, please have a family member contact ElderCare 4 Families for a free in-home assessment.

Alzheimer and Dementia Care

ElderCare 4 Families caregivers are trained to understand and care for alzheimer and dementia clients. We provide an individualized plan of care with strategies and techniques to establish a comfortable routine including socialization and activities. This allows us to use redirecting techniques when needed, find ways to avoid or reduce tension in anxious situations and keep a client busy when appropriate. We often work with clients experiencing sundowning symptoms and sleep disruptions that may lead to pacing at night. We ensure client safety while promoting as much independence as possible.

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