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Basic Caregiver Expectations

Staying at home is the goal of most aging Seniors. To stay at home safely, outside assistance with day-to-day tasks is often needed.  Family members are given the directive to contrast and compare agencies and private caregivers.  Both provide assistance with personal services such as bathing, dressing, housekeeping, driving and companionship.  There are differences in the two choices and differences in the agencies. The following is a list of general questions to ask when hiring in home non-medical care for your loved ones. 


How long have you been helping families in the greater Kentuckiana area?

The amount of time someone has been working in this field can help families determine their level of expertise in home care.  It will help you determine how much they understand the care that will be needed and that they are  invested in working with families and plan on continuing to work with families for many years to come.

EC4ElderCare 4 Families has been serving the greater Kentuckiana area since 1981.  We have tenure in the states of Kentucky and Indiana, in our caregivers and in our office staff.  We have expertise in personal services that you need and deserve.

Has the provider been screened?

If hiring privately, you will need to screen the person you are hiring.  If you are hiring an agency, ask about the hiring process they follow. Do they personally meet each person and interview them before moving on to other screening processes?  What are some reasons they would not move forward with a candidate after an in-person interview?

EC4:  ElderCare 4 Families personally screens each applicant.  The next step is an in depth personal interview with our Recruiter.  We are happy to share our screening policies with our clients and their families.

Willl you tell me about your criminal and motor vehicle background checks?

You will want to be sure that a private caregiver can supply you with a current check in both of these areas and verify that the checks include every state they have resided in during the past 5-7 years.  Agencies can provide you with their policies that explain how and where they process their background checks. They can provide you with their policy if something is found on these screenings.

EC4:  ElderCare 4 Families runs pre-hire criminal and driving background checks.  We run these checks in every state they have lived in during the past 7 years.

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What convictions are allowed?

A private caregiver will need to hear what convictions you will allow when you are in the screening process.  An agency must follow the guidelines of the state in which they offer services. However, a best practice would be to ask them to explain their policy regarding what convictions the state allows but they do not allow and why.

EC4:  ElderCare 4 Families does not hire felons.  We go beyond this state requirement by delving into misdemeanor offenses and do not hire based on what we find and how it would affect someone being in a senior’s home with minimal daily supervision.

Do you conduct background checks after hire?

On-going oversight of a caregiver’s background is extremely important too.  Agencies should explain their background check policy to you.

EC4:  ElderCare 4 Families conducts background checks before hire and annually thereafter.  We check every state the person has lived in during the last 7 years.


drug screenings for employees

Will the person be drug screened or are their any other screenings conducted?

 Seniors must have someone in their home that is free and clear of drug usage.  Drug screening that is conducted prior to hire and then thereafter on a random basis is an extremely important practice.

There are multiple registries that need to be checked when hiring caregivers.  You will need to know these to hire privately If hiring an agency, ask which registry checks are pulled and reviewed and what information from these registries would make someone not hirable.

EC4:  ElderCare 4 Families drug screens each applicant before hire and then we run random and “for cause” drug screenings during their tenure with our company.

ElderCare 4 Families also checks the following registries:  adult misconduct, sex abuse and sex offender and nurse. We also check personal and professional references.   

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