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Legalities of Hiring Caregivers 102

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How are caregivers monitored in the field?


You may be required to pay taxes on private caregivers based on tax laws and government employment regulations.  Some agencies only hire contractors so you may be required to pay taxes in that case as well. Ask agencies if the people they use are classified as employees or independent contractors.


EC4: Everyone at ElderCare 4 Families is an employee.  We pay all the taxes that are required. 

How will I know about the training and skill set of the caregiver?

If your caregiver is an agency employee, the agency will handle all employee concerns, questions, etc.  If the person is a private caregiver or a contractor, you may be responsible.

EC4:  We handle all personnel issues including but not limited to counseling and training our caregivers to specific client needs.

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