Early Stages of Dementia Checklist

Defined by the Alzheimer’s Association, dementia refers to diseases or conditions that negatively impact daily cognitive abilities such as memory, language, or problem-solving. There are conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease…

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Dementia and Dining Out
seniors happily dining out

Dementia and Dining Out

Proper preparation is the key to dining out with your loved ones who have a dementia diagnosis. Just because their mental state is compromised does not mean they wouldn’t enjoy…

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Dementia is an Emotional Illness Too
Patient consulting a doctor in the hospital

Dementia is an Emotional Illness Too

Any mentally debilitating illness, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, carries an emotional burden too, both for the patient and the caregiver. It can be upsetting to listen to your loved…

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What Should I Say?

Communicating Through Dementia You would think with all the practice we’ve had throughout our lives, communicating with our family, friends, and loved ones would come as easy as breathing. But…

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