Caring for Those with PBA

If someone you love has PBA (PseudoBulbar Affect), you may have trouble finding information about the condition, and even more trouble finding information on how to be a good caretaker…

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Dementia is an Emotional Illness Too
Patient consulting a doctor in the hospital

Dementia is an Emotional Illness Too

Any mentally debilitating illness, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, carries an emotional burden too, both for the patient and the caregiver. It can be upsetting to listen to your loved…

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Seasonal Depression:

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Prevention and Management How ironic is it that Seasonal Affective Disorder is also known as the acronym SAD? It can affect anyone, young or old, male or female, and can…

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What Should I Say?

Communicating Through Dementia You would think with all the practice we’ve had throughout our lives, communicating with our family, friends, and loved ones would come as easy as breathing. But…

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