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Training Caregivers For Senior Emergencies

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Caregiver Emergency Training Expectations

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How will I know that my caregiver has arrived and arrived on time?

 If you hire privately, you will want to set up a system to monitor the comings and goings of your caregivers.  Agencies that hire employees should have a telephony system in place to ensure that they track the arrival and departure of their caregivers.

EC4:  ElderCare 4 Families has a telephony system that requires caregivers to clock in and out from the client’s telephone.  If they are 10 minutes late, our office staff is notified so that they may investigate where they are and when they will arrive for their shift.

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What happens if my caregiver is sick, on vacation or just not a good match for my loved one?

You will first need to determine the amount of time you can spare to manage day-to-day needs of your loved one.  Are you available to take care of your loved one if there a need arises? If the caregiver is hired privately, you will have to seek coverage for anytime the person is off work.  If they are not a good match, you will need to hire a replacement. An agency should offer you replacement caregivers either for fill ins for vacation and illness or on-going if your caregiver turns out to not be the best match.
EC4:  ElderCare 4 Families encourages open communication with our staff, our clients and our care families.  You will communicate with us the best times to speak with you and what to communicate with you and how often.  There will be a binder in the home for you to see daily care notes. ElderCare also answers your calls personally whenever you call!  We will replace a caregiver at the request of the family and we will do so at the request of the caregiver. We want the care to be the best possible and the caregiver, client and the client’s family to all be happy!

What happens if I need something and it is not during business hours?

 A private caregiver would have to be willing to share her personal cell phone with you and be available to take calls after hours.  An agency should serve their clients well by having their staff answer their phones 24/7!

EC4:  Our telephones are answered 24/7 by people who regularly work in our office.

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